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Welcome to The PUR Company

Hi, I'm Jay! PUR was created in 2010 for people who wanted to improve their everyday well-being by making simple and healthy substitutions. Today, I'm humbled to work with a team of incredible individuals who drive our vision and continue to inspire me every day.

Join our amazing team - a team that demonstrates strong leadership and motivational energy. A team of risk takers who are eagerly searching for the next challenge. A team that feels like a family. I look forward to welcoming you to ours.

Our Values


Our passion is fueled by our excitement, obsession, and devotion to what we do. This is what drives our commitment to PUR.

We Have Passion


Act with intention, with determination, and with results in mind. Everything we do is aligned with meaningful goals.

We Act with PURpose


We instinctively gravitate towards fun! Our culture boosts enjoyment and fulfillment, generating a space for personal creativity and big ideas.

We Embody Fun


We believe in the principles of healthy living. Our products use simple substitutions to provide healthier alternatives for consumers.

We Promote Wellness


Welcome change and spark innovation. We are steady and persistent, focused on quality, and constantly challenging the status quo.

We Are Relentless.


Each and every interaction we have with our consumers, partners, and team is handled with excellence and integrity. We embrace individuality and diversity.

We Uphold Respect.

Life at PUR

We Build Leaders

Surround yourself with proactive individuals and innovators while creating a personalized career map with our People and Culture team.

We Celebrate Everything

Be a part of a culture dedicated to celebrating big wins, little wins, work anniversaries, wellness Wednesdays, monthly PURly Amazing Awards, team retreats and more!

We Work Exceptionally Hard

Grow your career and skill set in ways you've only imagined and be rewarded and recognized along the way with the support of an energetic team that thrives on momentum.

Our Teams

  • sale team


    The Relationship Builders

    In a highly competitive industry and category, managing customer relationships is key to success. Analyzing data and collaborating with the wider PUR teams helps us build the best tools needed to excite and educate our customers while closing deals that benefit all. From strategic goal setting to execution - our sales team manages pricing, promotion and placement, resulting in increased sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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  • creative team

    Creative & Marketing

    The Visualizers

    Our in-house team of creative designers and marketers amplify and communicate the value of PUR’s brand from the inside-out. Our marketing team manages B2B and B2C projects, including advertising, social media, e-commerce, and public relations. Our creative team leads product innovation, branding, packaging, and merchandising. This team is the perfect combination of visual identity, creative writing, and strategic thinking.

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  • business team

    Business Intelligence

    The Masterminds

    The Business Intelligence department is an analytics and operations based team that drives purpose in the everyday functions of our company. Our BI team is a dynamic group who push for constant process and operational improvements. They support the sales team with data to drive bigger and better results while driving warehouse efficiencies, plan and lead supply chain and inventory. Plus, they get to work on special projects directly with our founder and CEO.

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  • admin team


    We are the Foundation

    Our admin team is the heart and soul of what keeps our team winning! Working closely with our CEO and People & Culture team, they anticipate the needs of our entire team and help them stay focused on projects by providing operational and administrative solutions. Admins move quickly with the continuously changing, extremely fast paced environment while being the anchor for all company communications.

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  • accounting team

    Finance & Accounting

    We are the Trusted Calculators

    While numbers are an extremely important part of their work, teamwork is the key. Where do you ever get to hear that in a finance role? Each week is filled with new challenges and opportunities. Our finance and accounting team is an ingenious bunch who look at the big picture and explain numbers in a simple way.

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  • warehouse team

    Warehouse & Logistics

    We are the Heart

    Committed to ensuring brilliance in customer care, our warehouse team makes sure PUR gets to you! This means always ensuring our customers receive the right products at the right time, on time, every time! They are directly responsible for coordinating the packaging, shipping and processing of products. Our rapidly growing Distribution Centre directly contributes to the profitability of the PUR by maximizing efficiencies and operating with the highest standards of excellence.

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  • culture team

    People & Culture

    We are the Strategy Builders

    With a strong belief in people, our People and Culture team has one main objective: to keep PUR growing and people performing at the highest level, while maintaining our amazing PUR culture. As a non-traditional HR department, it is not all about forms and endless administrative tasks. We find the best talent, nurture them to grow, and retain them. We drive learning and development while building policy and structure. We own culture and strategically shape PUR.

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We are always searching for new talent.

If the role of your dreams is not listed anywhere, please send us your resume anyway! Tell us in 120 characters or less why you are PURly Amazing!

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Warehouse & Logistics
People & Culture

  • It takes passionate, purpose driven people to make amazing things happen! We collaborate, take risks, and challenge the status quo, all while having FUN! Be free to succeed.

    - Cerys Cook , Director of People & Culture

  • My team is amazingly collaborative and supportive. I know that I can count on them to push me to do better and be better every day. They are constantly inspiring me and I count myself lucky to be surrounded by such great colleagues and friends.

    - Janelle Lamothe, Graphic Designer

  • Working for a brand that actually makes a difference in people’s lives is something that motivates me inside and outside of work.

    - Dalia Haimen, Creative Manager

  • Working at PUR is loads of fun and always challenging in the best way possible! Never bored, always engaged. My favorite thing about PUR is our core values and strong ambitions to be THE BEST. We’re tough, we’re competitive and we’re always up for a good laugh.

    - Ken Doran, Digital Marketer

  • I cannot wait to see how great PUR will be in the next year, in 5 years, and in 10 years.

    - Anthony Flores, Business Intelligence Manager

  • Jay's passion for the brand is infectious! His inspirational chats with the entire team keep everyone engaged and reaching for the stars.

    - Sonia Nicola, Inside Sales